4th Heswall COVID

Compliance Measures

State of Readiness


as of 17/05/2021


Online Scouting only

NO Face to Face 


Online and Face to Face Scouting blend

Outdoors where possible*

Approved Risk Assessment for activity/location

Covid compliance & hygiene measures in place

Social distancing from adults


Larger Group Outdoor Scouting*

Small Groups Indoors*

Small Groups Camping*

Local Social Distancing Rules Adhered To


Back To Face to Face (restrictions may apply)

*social distance guidelines apply, youth sector exempt from gathering restrictions

What has to be done for each change in readiness status.

1, Write Risk Assessment + List Safety Measures

2, Risk Assessment Approval + Safety Measures Compliant

3, Adults Agree and Give Consent + Scouts Agree and Adhere to Measures

(Consent & Forms to Complete below)

Readiness Status

The Scout Association Pathway for Getting Back Together.

National Readiness Status

Scouting UK will follow the National Youth Agency Readiness Status.

Our Local Readiness Status

Merseyside Scouts will show our current Readiness Status on their website as detailed below.

Gathering Restrictions

The NYA (National Youth Agency) confirms that despite changes to social gathering restrictions by the government, NYA Guidance remains and applies to Scouting because youth sector activity classified an essential service. Therefore, current guidance and status from Scouts UK remains as detailed on their Getting Back Together webpage (see above).

Forms to Complete

Before You Return

It is important that EVERYONE understands the hazard and the risk of getting back together and Scouting face to face at 4th Heswall. We are asking EVERY member who wishes to take part in face to face Scouting, Beavers, Cubs, Sea Scouts, Young Leaders and Adults, to complete this quick understanding risk quiz.

The quiz is suitable for all ages and we hope that by taking part you will feel confident in allowing your child to return to face to face Scouting.

Understanding Risk Quiz

With your child, please sit down and go through the quiz with them. The quiz is split into four easy to follow sections using activities that children can relate to and so allowing transferable considerations for activities they may not yet be able to relate to.

During each section of the quiz, please explain and discuss with young people:

  • The HAZARD and WHO it affects.
  • The LIKELIHOOD of it happening with and without the safety MEASURES.
  • The SEVERITY if the MEASURES are ignored.
  • How together, we can greatly reduce RISK if we all agree to the MEASURES.
  • How we can greatly increase the RISK if we ignore the MEASURES.
Complete as many times as you like, we hope you get 100%

Getting Back Together Safely

We know that many of you are keen to get to back to face-to-face Scout meetings and activities. However, we can only do that when it’s safe to do so – for both young people and volunteers.

Please can we ask that every member completes this document so the leaders know how you feel about getting back together and everyone agrees to the Covid Law and knows what we need to do to get back together safely.

To make sure everyone agrees to the measures required to keep all of us safe.

4th Heswall Adult Agreement and Consent

To be completed on behalf of every child, and by every adult, who wishes to resume face to face Scouting with 4th Heswall (St Peter’s) Sea Scout Group from RED to the AMBER phase of lockdown easing.

Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to COVID-19 during group outdoor activities with 4th Heswall Sea Scouts, with measures and controls aligned with and approved by West Wirral District Scouts, Merseyside County Scouts, and the Scout Association UK, using status guidance from the National Youth Agency.

To be completed by all adults to confirm agreement and consent for their young person and/or themselves to take part.

Covid Compliance Risk Assessments

The group’s approved covid 19 compliance risk assessments can be viewed here. Please be aware, as a group we have many risk assessments for every activity, location, and event we udertake, the risk assessments in the folder below focus solely on measures to ensure covid 19 compliance.


We Need You

To comply with the measures we have put in place to ensure everyone is safe, we are limited to smaller group numbers, so to ensure our young people do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy Scouting we need more Adult helpers and Leaders so we can hold more sessions.

If you are able to come along and help please try our Four Week Challenge.

Safeguarding and Safety

An important aspect of being a Scout volunteer is Safeguarding and Safety, and understanding GDPR, these are essential training certificates to have as a volunteer which have to be renewed periodically, if you would like to help at Scouts taking these online courses is one of the first essential steps on a very worthwhile journey.

Adult volunteers who do not have an up to date mandatory training certificates will not be able to continue helping at Scouts with online or face to face activities from August, please follow the link below to complete the mandatory e-learning modules, once complete please send your downloaded certificates to Mo Barker, our Group Scout Leader – gsl@4thheswallseascouts.org.uk

updated SL 06/04/2021

Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
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