Beavan 2023

Date: 10th Oct 2023 Author: Scout Leader

The Beavan Challenge 

4th Heswall win big again at the 45th Beavan Challenge. Competing against Scout teams from around the region we took home the Junior and Explorer trophies.

Held for the 45th time in 2023, the Beavan Challenge is a weekend of team challenges designed to encourage and develop independence, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, physical effort, endurance, and resilience. The Beavan is held every year in early October at the Tawd Vale Adventure Centre near Burscough in Lancashire.

The 2023 4th Heswall Beavan Team (select to find out how they all got on)

This great event is organised and hosted by our own West Wirral District Scout Leadership team as a Merseyside County and beyond event, we as a group also organise and deliver the water challenge event.

Beavan Challenge Activities

    • Hiking
    • Route plotting & Navigation
    • Archery
    • Air Rifle Shooting
    • First Aid Knowledge
    • Trail Running
    • Obstacle course
    • Chairman’s Challenge (fire lighting this year)
    • Canoeing
    • Paddle boarding
    • Kayaking

The Video see what we did in 2018:

4th Heswall and the Geoffrey Beavan Challenge

Beavan history The challenge used to be a long distance paddle challenge along the canal, needless to say being Sea Scouts we were regular winners, see Our History

Regular winners Can you spot a current member of 4th Heswall in this picture of our winning team with one of the old paddle trophies? The format was changed in later years to a multi discipline scout skills event and for many years 4th Heswall didn’t enter.

Beavan 2018 4th Heswall returned to the Beavan with 12 young people and two leaders, not knowing what to expect, our two senior scout teams placed really well and our junior team placed 3rd overall, Tim and Susie of that junior team would go on to win the Explorer Trophy twice, with only the covid years possibly preventing any success in the senior trophy.

Beavan 2019 forever known as the soggy and boggy one, all four teams, each made up of four junior or four senior scouts, placed really well with a 3rd, 4th, 13th and 19th out of 42 teams. There was a deluge the week before and then all weekend, this was also the final year of canoes on the canal.

Beavan 2022 and VICTORY, we won the Junior and Explorer Awards,  we narrowly missed out on the senior title to 5th Heswall with a strong 2nd place. The 4th Heswall Active Support Unit developed and delivered an all new and exciting water challenge on the Delph.

Beavan 2023 and again we won the Junior and Explorer Awards, our youngest junior team (who had only been in scouts a few weeks) also took 2nd place. Our Young Leader team also beat 5th Heswall in the shooting. The senior trophy in modern times eludes us still, and this year for the first time, it was won by a team outside the West Wirral District.

CONGRATULATIONS Noah, Patrick, Johnny, and Buddy

Our 2023 Winning Junior Team

AMAZING achievement retaining the Explorer title for Dan, Tim, Matt, and Suze

Our 2023 Winning Young Leader Team

See more 4th Heswall winners here:

The Camp Team a massive thank you to our amazing camp team for organising and feeding 24 young people over the weekend. Glyn, Chris, Christian, Becky, and where would we be without Chef Chris!

The Water Challenge Team as a Sea Scout it’s only natural that we host the Beavan Water Challenge event. A big thanks goes to Mo, Andy, Niall and young leaders, Sophia, Anna, Emily, and Phoebe all from 4th Heswall, Hannah from 5th Heswall, Ben and Sarah from Birkenhead Explorer Sea Scouts, and Sally from Dee Sea Scouts Neston. An exciting event delivered safely and efficiently with every competitor taking part in the challenge.

Congratulations To 25th Birkenhead on winning the Senior Trophy, 1st Barnston on winning the Team Spirit Award, and to Georgia of 5th Heswall for the Overcoming Challenge Prize selected by the water challenge team and presented by Andy.

The event has its own website here:  

The Beavan Challenge 

Or find them on


The Winning Teams


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