Meet the Team at 4th Heswall

The Trustee Board

The Trustee Board works with the Leadership Team to deliver the best quality scouting. Trustees include lead volunteers from each section, and parent representatives, they are responsible as trustees of the group and ensure that our charitable purposes are met democratically, safely and legally.

Our AGM and Awards

Aa a Charity Organisation with volunteers, our Annual General Meeting is an essential event held every June, this is a great opportunity to learn about the our group, we showcase the achievements of our young people over the past twelve months and our plans for the future. We have refreshments and nibbles for the adults as well as the children. The 2020 and 21 AGMs had to be held online due to social distancing measures so you can see a recording of the 2021 AGM below and find pictures of our AGM in previous years in our AGM and AWARDS GALLERY

Children’s Summer Fair

Every year following our AGM in June we have displays and a small fair with stalls and games organised and delivered by the Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Sea Scouts and Young Leaders. We raise funds for our group and donate to our chosen local good cause. We hope you will be able to join us at the meeting this year, enjoy some refreshments and meet the team while the stalls are set up by the children.

We actively encourage that all members and parents support our AGM and Awards. On the 22 June 2021 4th Heswall Sea Scout group held their second online AGM and Awards, and despite the lack of games and displays in the garden, or tombola and tea in the hall, we still had many people view the AGM live online, below is a recording of our online broadcast.

Meet some of the 4th Heswall Team…

Group Scout Leader Mo

Mo Barker

Mo ensures everyone is sailing on the same heading, Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, young leaders, leaders, section assistants, occasional helpers, parents and trustees, Mo looks after everyone. The role of GSL is as demanding as it is rewarding, the success of a group is built on a great GSL.

Assistant GSL Bernie

Bernie has had many roles in our group, her encouragement and support to all members including our Group Section Leader is invaluable.


Sea Scout Support Leader Martin

Martin James

Martin has been a member of 4th Heswall for many years and Scout Leader since 2010, in 2018 he decided to step away from the limelight and is now enjoying his role as Senior Leader, utilising his vast experience, knowledge and skills to guide and support our leaders in delivering the Scout programme.


Sea Scout Leader Andy

Andy Everett

Andy is an avid water sports and outdoor enthusiast, combined with a love of gadgets and equipment, Andy ensures the Scouts have a great time with all manner of adventurous activities and events that encourage teamwork and leadership in preparation for their next big adventure, adulthood.


Sea Scout Leader Glyn

Glyn Shakeshaft

Glyn has been a member of 4th Heswall for many years as a young member and adult volunteer. With his experience and knowledge of what it means to be a 4th Heswall member, Glyn helps our Scouts flourish and develop to become the newest fantastic members of the 4th Heswall Scouting family.


Assistant Sea Scout Leader Becky

Becky Fox

Becky’s love of the outdoors began with DofE expeditions as a teenager and, as a parent of 2 boys, she is enjoying passing on that enthusiasm to the next generation of adventurers, both at home and with 4th Heswall.

Becky loves a fun and varied programme, inspiring our young people to take part in a variety of games, challenges and adventures, both indoors and outdoors, to help widen their appreciation of the world around them, grow in confidence, and develop Skills For Life as they complete their exciting journey through Scouting with 4th Heswall.


Assistant Sea Scout Leader Mark

Mark Sargent

Mark doesn’t come from a sailing or Scout background, but that didn’t stop him from helping out at a Scouts sailing regatta on Bala lake back in 2006, where his son was sailing. Since then, he has progressed from being an occasional parent helper to assistant leader. He’s been on multiple camps to Windemere and went to an International Scout camp in Holland in 2010. He’s even learnt to sail !
He can’t commit 100% as he works out in the North Sea, but when home, he always slots back in. Parent helpers don’t have to be at every session, just when they can make it.

Mark’s a keen cyclist, gardener, Tranmere Rover’s fan, novice bee keeper and an active member of Heswall Round Table and can be seen driving about Heswall in his cherished dark blue Morris Minor.


Assistant Scout Leader Chris

Chris brings out the inquisitive nature in our Scouts from thought provoking activities to encouraging questions, this makes all our Cub activities fun, interesting and educational. Chris inspires our young members to take part in a variety of games, challenges and projects to help develop confidence and individuality so they are ready to take on their Scouting adventure.


Assistant Sea Scout Leader Elizabeth

Elizabeth Dennis

Elizabeth is great with our young people, bringing buckets of excitement and adventure to the Scout Troop.

Working closely with the other Scout leaders, Elizabeth ensures we all have lots of fun whilst staying safe and secure.


Section Assistant Chris

Chris is a big rugby fan and coaches local junior rugby teams. If there’s a noisy active wide game going on you can be sure Chris is at the heart of it. Chris is also a dab hand in the galley at camp.


Group Skills Instructor Caroline

Caroline James

Caroline is a fabulous and invaluable supporter of our group, ensuring safe and supportive instruction on and off the water, at camp and events, Caroline is the unsung hero at 4th Heswall.


Davenport Cub Scout Leader Gwenan

Gwenan Jackson

Gwen is an amazing Cub Leader, with an active young family, Gwen brings excitment and adventure to our Davenport Cubs. Gwen encourages the Cubs to become strong independent individuals that are ready to take on the demands of being a successful Sea scout as a young adult.


Riverbank Cub Scout Leader Kevin

Kevin Egerton

Kevin is great with our Cubs, ensuring their busy minds are kept sharp and curious with activities and adventures.


Cub Scout Support Leader Melanie

Melanie George

Melanie enjoys running, cycling and swimming, she is a highly experienced leader and an asset to our group, ensuring the Cubs conduct themselves with pride and honesty. Melanie actively supports the Cub Leaders offering guidance and practical help when needed.


Dales Beaver Scout Leader Laura

Laura Baker

Laura is great with our little people, bringing buckets of excitement and adventure to the Beaver Lodge.

Working closely with the other Beaver leaders, Laura ensures we all have lots of fun whilst staying safe and secure.


Beacons Beaver Scout Leader Kate

Kate Johnson

Kate brings her creative flair and enthusiasm to 4th Heswall Beavers, she inspires our little people to be curious and observant to broaden their skills and develop their character.

With Kates’s guidance, our Beavers learn the importance of being responsible for themselves and others. As part of the Beaver Leader Team, Laura helps develop a great programme of activities that build  confidence and inspire  enthusiasm.


Squirrel Scout Leader Jane

Jane Everett

Jane is an experienced educator and wellbeing specialist who ensures our Squirrels get the best start on their big scouting adventures with 4th Heswall. Jane inspires our little people to be curious and observant, to developing their ambition and character.

With Jane’s guidance, our Squirrels learn about teamwork and looking after each other. Although Jane is the principle leader, our Squirrel Drey relies on parents sharing the leadership and becoming part of 4th Heswall’s Volunteer Team.

Group Chairman Peter

Peter Ashworth

Peter’s guiding hand and sound advice in all matters Scouting, combined with his business knowledge and experience are all valued assets to our group, Peter has had many roles in Scouting over the years.


Group Treasurer Tony

Tony Hailwood

Being Treasurer can be a difficult unseen role, but perhaps the most important role in our group.   The growth and success of 4th Heswall is testament to many years of efficiency and diligence from Tony and the former Treasurers at 4th Heswall.


Group Secretary Bernie

Bernie Hailwood

Ensuring good communication and information is key to great teamwork, Bernie is able to juggle all the administrative and compliance requirements of our busy group. Paperwork, permits and permissions in place and up to date, the administrative requirements of a large Sea Scout group are perpetual.


Digital Administrator Andy

Andy Everett

Andy looks after the group’s website, social media and digital archive.


#SkillsForLife  @4thHeswall

Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls